Saturday Night Cockfight 2:09

Lucky Mud/ Southern Zen Music - BMI 2007


Saturday night cockfight

Chicken wire and tin

Daddy brought the family

And he parked beside the kinfolks

Oyster shell parking lot

Louisiana swamp

'Lilly, hold the baby,

While we put some money up'

So Lilly takes the baby

She goes to Charley's side

Saturday night cockfight

A Louisiana night


Two cocks in the cage

Whirling bloody spurs

Mama orders chicken dinners

Extra slaw with hers

Sister wants a Dr. Pepper

Daddy wants a beer

The black rooster goes down

Everybody cheers

Lilly squeezes Charley

And they take a walk outside

Saturday night cockfight

Another rooster dies


Then daddy wins 20 dollars

Has another drink

Mama gets the kids

And heads off to the roller rink

Later on she sits with daddy

In a folding chair

He kisses all her fingers

He smells her braided hair

Smoke from the factory

Blurs the golden lights

All along the bayou

On a Louisiana night

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