Drika's Grave 2:12

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Lucky Mud/ Southern Zen Music - BMI 2007


Daddy come and get me 'Cause it's dark tonight And I'm standing on Drika's grave The wind is in the trees And there's no moonlight On Drika's grave Funny how you think you know Where you're gonna go When you leave home So young and brave But it's a winding road That brought me here To Drika's grave I went to school I studied hard I made the grade I planned my life So carefully I did everything I was supposed to do And I watched it Fall apart on me Funny what you leave behind When you're running blind And it's funny The things you save Now there's no place I would rather be Than waiting for you On Drika's grave I hear you coming for me And I see the lights No one else could find me In the dark of night And all I really had to do Was call And wait for you On Drika's grave

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