Bulldog 2:53

Lucky Mud/ Southern Zen Music - BMI 2007


I once had a woman

But she tried to save my soul

I once had a bulldog

But she took it when she rolled

On down the road


We once had a nice house

In a neighborhood

But I drank too much whiskey

I did not do the things I should

So she rolled on down the road


And now the house sits empty

The yard is overgrown

I did not leave nobody there

To watch it while I'm gone

When I rolled on down the road


But I love to see the white lines

As they pass me by

We were like the sun and moon

We could not share The sky

She was like the Autumn moon

That lovers find so sweet

I was like The Summer sun

Full of fire and heat


But the good life

Ain't the only life

I can pick and choose

Somewhere between

The high road

And a sea of booze

I will roll on down the road


And now every girl's

My darlin'

Every place is home

As long as I've got whiskey

I will never be alone

As I roll on down the road

As I roll on down the road

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