Truth with a Twist

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


She tells the truth with a twist She throws out lies With the flick of her wrist She's always got an alibi And the truth ain't in her She'll knock you down with one small word She's really good At making people look absurd She's got a knack for being mean And the truth ain't in her I watch her walk through the room She sweeps up men Like a bitch with her broom As she looks from eye to eye Yeah, the truth ain't in her You know I've seen her kind before She gets a lot But she's always wantin' more And you won't know how bad she is 'Cause the truth ain't in her And if you think she's gonna change And all those others That she screwed were just so strange You'd better watch each step you take 'Cause the truth ain't in her No, the truth ain't in her

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