Moments of My Life

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


Just a note to say the exquisite instrument in the background of this song is called the Hammerchord, designed and built by Robert Cunningham, and played by Ernie Brock.


There are places I would like to go Maybe France, the Spanish Coast There are people I would like to meet Have a drink, a bite to eat But it wouldn't be the same without you in my life At all Maybe we could take a walk Or a bicycle ride We could have a lovely talk We should always take the time But it really wouldn't be the same Without you At all CHORUS: There are times when I need to be alone Have a moment to myself Talk with friends on the phone Snuggle down in the bed With my favorite book But know you're still there Somewhere There are other people in my life Some I love, some I like They all have a part to play In my life, day to day But it wouldn't be the same Without you to come home to And share the moments of my life There are things that I still like to do Like take a walk On a stormy beach with you Feel your fingers running through my hair I turn around, and you're still there Know you'll always be with me By my side Eternally CHORUS:

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