Into the Night

Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


Too many long nights on lonesome roads, hoping to get home. I still remember the melancholy of passing houses with buttery yellow light in the windows, and wondering what it would be like to be there.


The tires on this old car ain't good

And the lights are starting to fade

But I'm gonna push on into the night

'Cause I want to see you again


I don't even know if you're there

'Cause you never wrote, or called me

But just like an old horse headed back to the barn

I just want to be there again


The night sky is dusted with stars

And there's a pale crescent moon on the rise

I've spent my whole life just running from you

And I don't even know why


I've probably waited too long

But even an old fool can learn

So I'm gonna push on into the night

'Cause I want to see you again

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