Blogs. I sit down to write one and remember the blades need to be replaced on the lawnmower. The strings are at least a month past changing on the guitar. Both guitars. The house needs a deep cleaning, the front porch has a little pathway left open so we can get to the front door from the car. There are still Christmas cards above the fireplace and it's almost the middle of July. It has been a delicious season of music for Maggie and me, from a huge Celtic festival we play once a year to the Will McLean Festival, the Gamble Rogers Festival and the Florida Folk Festival scrunched between road gigs and our twice-weekly concert series that has now extended into the third year. We've hosted 126 concerts in 30 months featuring the most amazing Americana singer/songwriters touring this country today. Beaucoup Blue from Philadelphia, Kamm and MacDonald from Northern California, the New 76ers from Tallahassee and so much more. Eric Taylor performed for us in December, following Dana Cooper, Buddy Mondlock and Pierce Pettis (who are all coming back for repeat performances to delighted crowds at both locations - Topsail Hill State Park at the end of 30A in Santa Rosa County, Florida, and the legendary Roberts Hall in Lynn Haven, Florida, where Hank Williams played in the late 1940s). Maggie and I spent this last week, July 4th Weekend, with Tom Kimmel, one of the most remarkable singers, songwriters, poets and people we've ever encountered. We shared music, food and stories into the wee hours and hated to see him go on his way to Ireland through Tupelo, Mississippi. Lucky Mud leads a very charmed life, and we know it. Two weeks ago Maggie and I were the band at both concerts here in the Florida panhandle and we used the occasion to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary. Playing music together since June, 1972, from Florida to Nashville, from Bandera, Texas, to the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar, Ireland. We've gone from newlyweds looking for work to standing on Welsh slate atop a castle in Ireland under a driving rain. We've played on the island of Sark, the last in the English Channel, while gazing across at the twinkling shoreline of France. We've toured London, Stonehenge and Avebury, Holy Island (Lindesfarne) on the wild English coast after playing a show in Newcastle, where we split the gig with a marvelous cabaret singer named Nikki Kay. We drank Scotch in Edinburgh and Jameson's in Galway, Guinness up and down the West of Ireland and rye whiskey during our musical tour of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Maggie said last week that she feared we might be headed for the Last Roundup. I told her I believed that we were just reaching the First Roundup. I'm a published author of novels, but with all their acclaim it is Music that has opened the world to us. We've become friends with the best we've ever seen, including the above and people like Sally Spring, Brian Smalley and Grant Peeples. We've shared campfires with folks who can enchant the night with their songs and now, as I cling to the very end of my 67th year I look forward to everything still to come. We presented our first music festival last January and called it Lucky Mud's Roots and Wings Music Festival. The second annual is already sponsored and booked for January 24th, 2016. The headliners will be Gillette and Mangsen. So I stopped by to add this to our Blog. With hope that you'll read it and get in touch. Tell us where you live and what you do. Tell us if there are gigs nearby where a duet might find shelter and a place to share our music. Because that's what we are. Musicians, singers, songwriters. And travelers in the best sense of the word. Thanks for your time, Mike

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