During preparations for this book, I contacted many remnants of the political movement from the late 60s. Most had become respectable members of the community. Some remained outsiders, iconoclasts. I left my phone number with a lot of people. When the phone rang on June 22, 2011, I thought it might be another clue to the story of Gideon Holley.


     The caller addressed me by name, and I asked if I knew him.

     "No," he said, "we've never met. But I heard you were doing your homework on Gideon Holley."

     "Yes, I am," I said. "Would you mind telling me who you are?"

     "My name is Anthony Colletti," he said. "I think we should talk."










A Note...

     The speech Gideon gave at Flagstaff is an excerpt from a real speech written by a friend, A.V. Archer, myself, and others aboard something we called the ELF Bus. The speech was delivered convincingly by an earnest looking member of our group to a filled hall of revolutionary leaders at the National Students Association National Congress at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, the summer of 1970.

     It included the line, “Now, there are enough silk stockings to cover one woman’s leg in the whole world twice! Yet, there are people starving in China!”

     The speaker, whose name was Peter, spoke with passion. The rest of us, who had been on the road for many months watching the riots and demonstrations and wanted these campus leaders to understand the difference between rhetoric and reality, planted ourselves in the audience. We cheered Peter's speech and applauded at every intake of breath. Soon, our cheers were drowned out by the loud support of the crowd.





     The magpie was real, too. It stayed with me for a long time. Go figure.

                       Michael McKinney

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