Lucky Mud leads a very charmed life, and we know it.
Lucky Mud's First Annual Roots and Wings Music Festival, held January 25th, 2015, at Roberts Hall in Lynn Haven, Florida was a great success!
Lucky Mud has been very busy. Touring last year from Houston, Texas, to Nova Scotia, where Maggie's original song Tall Ships was being played on the radio as the Tall Ships entered Halifax Harbor (definitely a highlight of the tour), has kept us on the road. Mud wants to stay on the road. So, we're hoping to book our 2014 schedule with dreams of a line of venues that will take us around the country and beyond. If interested, please contact us at Reverbnation or here at:
I grew up in the rural South, where everything begins with a story. I love stories. What I love most is words, and the way a good writer can make one lean against the other in a perfect fit. Like an old stone wall in Ireland. How Shakespeare or William Faulkner or Solzhenitsyn make their words come to life. When Solzhenitsyn tells, in Cancer Ward, of how the little dog who was afraid of water apologized, first with his ears, then with his tail each time they approached the lake, I can see that dog. That's magic.

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  • Dec 16
    Americana Cafe Sunday at Roberts Hall,  Lynn Haven

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