CD Lucky Mud Underneath the Florida Moon - CD

This is a CD of original Florida folk songs by Mike and Maggie McKinney, first recorded at their old Cracker farmhouse in the Florida Panhandle on a Boss 864 home studio (after their regular studio was destroyed by a hurricane). From Maggie's title cut, Underneath the Florida Moon, to the final song, a live version of Mike's The Sinkhole Song, recorded live on the Old Marble Stage at the Florida Folk Festival, it is a celebration of their home state. Songs about Florida's Cracker Cowboys (who still ride the state) to the terror of Hurricane Ivan, each song tells a story of 'home.' This CD has been totally re-recorded in their new Southern Zen Studio at Maggie's Farm. Though proud of the original, created in an insane 14 hour session, Sennheiser stage mic hanging from the ceiling and three people dancing in and out to piece it all together, Lucky Mud is very happy to re-introduce all the songs in crystal-clear sound. The songs and the music make it a great musical journey across Lucky Mud's 'Home State.'

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