Walkin' on Clouds

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Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


I'm walkin' on clouds I'm flyin' away I've got a new song in my heart I happened the moment I looked in your face I'm hoping that this is the start Of a beautiful friendship A long love affair The theme of this song In my heart Picture the two of us In each other's arms In the most beautiful spot I'm walkin on clouds I'm walkin on clouds I can see two people Walkin along The edge of a tropical sea Picture the two of them Arm in arm I think that it's you And it's me I'm walkin' on clouds I'm walkin' on clouds The sun beating down On the tops of our heads Our bodies making shadows On the ground We lean in to kiss I taste pineapple The world doesn't make a sound I'm walkin' on clouds I'm walkin' on clouds

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