I Live Alone

Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


I talked to a friend not long ago, and asked how he was doing. He said, "I'm just floatin' along." I had to imagine what that would be like. Then, talking to Mike's mom, who's 91 years old and lives by herself...with her dog. Her faithful companion.


Livin' alone in my lonely house Sliding along on my slippers I don't have much to talk about I'm just floatin' along, I'm just livin' There's no one here to share a drink with I eat my meals all alone There's no one here to play a game of chess Don't talk to anyone on the telephone I live alone, I'm always home No one here to talk with me I had a family, but they've come and gone I'm just livin' all alone I'm just livin' alone I had a wife, the love of my life We didn't have any children My brother and sister, they don't like me I don't even know where they're livin' I had a friend, his name was Tim He died a year ago Now that he's gone, I have no one It's so hard to go on I find it hard to go on Maybe I'll get a dog, something to love Someone to spend my time with It would be fun to go for a walk Just me and my faithful companion I live alone, I'm always home No one here to talk with me But if I get a dog we could go to the park Then I'd have someone to walk with me Livin' alone in my lonely house Slidin' along on my slippers

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