I Am Your Country

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Lucky Mud
Mike McKinney


The only song I ever wrote in a dream, and remembered when I woke up. In the dream, I sang it in a great room full of people and everyone sang along. The first time we ever sang this song in public was at a private showcase at the North American Folk Alliance in Memphis. With Maggie's encouragement everyone in the room sang along. It gave me chills.


I was not born To the rich and the mighty No, they struggled They went hungry And they died To give me strength To give me life They gave their blood to me And they are the source Of my pride I am your country I am your country I was not born To look down On my children No, I was there To hold you When you cried It is my blood You spill With your fighting It is me You injure When you lie I am your country I am your country We are one In the eyes Of strangers We are one When we rise And when we fall I am your hope I am your shelter I am your family When you're alone I'm the one Who hears you call I am your country I am your country I am your country

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