Ghosts 4:14

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Lucky Mud/ Southern Zen Music - BMI 2007


All of those who went walking In this world before us Carry stardust around them Like fireflies in the dusk And we follow blissfully In the wake of their lives And their memories Surround us In the stillness of the night CHORUS: As we go out walking In the bright sunshine We are walking with the ghosts Of another time And the answers we are seeking Are so easily attained If we listen to our hearts And accept the falling rain We are walking in their footsteps As we seek our own paths Waiting for enlightenment To dawn on us at last But the sun never rises On a new philosophy They're all ancient hidden truths Just waiting to be seen CHORUS: Questions come so easily Answers often fail To make it through the shadows Of a thousand fears But the answers all lie In one elemental truth You must love me And I must love you CHORUS:

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