Dancin' with the Devil

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Lucky Mud
Maggie McKinney


I've been dancin' with the Devil On the head of a pin Shows you just what kind of a mood I'm in I'm a dangerous woman With a lot on my mind And I'm not really sure That you're my kind Yeah, I'm lookin' for a man With stayin' power Not one who will melt In a soft rain shower Who can take it now Who can take it later I'm not lookin' for a Master debater I don't want a lot of talkin' When I'm in the mood To go dancin' with the Devil In the darkest wood I can tell you right now I can testify I'm gonna have a party In the Bye-and-Bye I will sing and dance I will strut my stuff Anybody hangin' with me 'Better hang tough Yeah, I want to go dancin' In the dark of night The way I'm feelin' I don't need a light If you want to dance with me You can come along But I'll be dancin' To my own song

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